FACTORY ZERO’s launching trolleys are made of Authentic Factory Zero extruded and anodised aluminium - strong,light,and corrosion resistant.
And can be assembled easily using nuts and bolts. 
They are light weight but heavy duty. Rust-less resin bearings allow the wheels to turn smoothly.

#F900 (Tire:385φ)
Boat Dolly F900
The Boat Dolly can easily be attached to the transom board of an inflatable boat with the bracket provided. 
The wheels are pivoting, and can be lifted when stored, without being removed from the main body.
Appropriate for inflatables less than 80kg gross weight, as well as GRP and aluminium boats with a vertical or horizontal transom board.

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     Inflatable boat            FRP boat

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F900 for Inflatable boat Video

     F900 for FRP boat Video



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