FACTORY ZERO’s launching trolleys are made of Authentic Factory Zero extruded and anodised aluminium - strong,light,and corrosion resistant.
And can be assembled easily using nuts and bolts. 
They are light weight but heavy duty. Rust-less resin bearings allow the wheels to turn smoothly.

#F525 (8ft to 11ft)

Boat Launcher 525
Using an adjustable small boat frame (2.85m – 2.21m), and a flexible support, the Boat Launcher 525 can be adjusted for the weight distribution of different types of boat. 
Used for various boats, such as inflatables, FRP and aluminium boats. 
The frame is made of a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy with an alumite coating finish, which is unlikely to be damaged by seawater, and is heavy duty and durable. Easily disassembled. 
The maximum size boat which the Boat Launcher 525 can carry is 3.5m and 100kg, depending on the balance of the engine, etc.


                    F525A (Tire:385φ)


                   F525D (Tire:285φ)


      An image inside the car 



  How to Boat Launcher! Video

#Z085 Front wheel for F525



F525 Image photo


  F525A+inflatable boat                       F525A+2.8M FRP boat             F525A+2.8M FRP boat




#F620A (8ft to 13ft)

F620A for FRP boat Video

          F620A for inflatable boat Video

    F620A with Z070(Front wheel) FRP boat Video

    F620A with Z070(Front wheel) inflatable boat Video

 Floating photo
F620A F525A
#Z616 Bow stop for F620A

#Z071 & #Z070 Front wheel for F620A

Z617 Z071 Z070


#Z002S Caster for F620A



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